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SKETCH dining set for children. Porcelain with decals made from my drawings/sketches.

Sketch cup BUNNY, 125 DKKR.

Sketch cup MR. TOOTH, 125 DKKR.

Sketch cup MAN, 125 DKKR

Sketch cup ROBOT, 125 DKKR.

Sketch plate MAN + ANIMAL, 175 DKKR.

Sketch plate BUNNY/BUDDIES, 175 DKKR.

Sketch plate ROBOT, 175 DKKR.
Money box
Unique robot money box made out of porcelain, with decals.

The robot has a cork, so you do not have to smash it when you want to use your savings ...

Robot, 950 DKKR.
For the wall

For the ceilings

MOBILE 5 figures, animals and botany hung in fishing line on a light wooden stick.

Decoration for the table, the shelf or window sill.
The decoration grass is made in porcelain and comes in 4 different designs/shapes.

3 piece set, 450 DKKR.

One piece, 155 DKKR.

One piece, 155 DKKR.
Animals Of The Forrest
Unique figurines made out of dyed porcelain with
decals and a decorative small piece of grass.

Squirrel with grass,
Hare with grass
Owl with grass